Podcasts, How I Got My Career in Tech

They took me from zero closer to hero each week

When I got my first job in tech, I really only knew that I knew nothing. Some days, I still feel that way, but perhaps I'll save that for a conversation about Kubernetes.  The first podcast I ever listened to was Snap Judgment. I remember how crisp it sounded and how much I felt the story tellers' experience. I downloaded my podcast app of choice even today, PocketCasts, and I started exploring. I found a massive technical community. I had to train myself to listen at faster speeds to keep up, and as I did I was able to grow myself synthetically compared to my actual technical experience. It's led me far from that country road listening to the snap. So I am writing this post as a way to show others some great choices to get started. None of these are in order whatsoever, but my descriptions of them may lead to evidence of my personal favorites.

The Technical Stuff

  • .NET Rocks: This is a great podcast for anyone who has to touch the Microsoft stack. Both experienced MS Devs and Operations people these two have a great chemistry and their specials (Geek Outs) are so much fun to listen to
  • /dev/hell/: A PHP developer podcast this periodical this fun to listen to and easy to identify with.
  • All About Android: The first TWiT network podcast of the list; AAA is a great podcast for android enthusiasts with really impressive guests and the hosts have a lot of fun with the content
  • BSD Now: I rarely touch BSD but their software model is really impressive. The deep technical conversations and the news segments found there are not found anywhere else.
  • CodeNewbie: This is a series of really great casts on others journey into tech. This one personally has really helped me on the days I feel like a total fake.
  • Coder Radio: The first Jupiter Broadcasting podcast of the list; This show is just awesome. They can get really technical, talk about real world consulting life, and offer really unique insight into the world of software development
  • Coding Blocks: The first technical podcast I ever listened to. This is the only podcast on the technical list I still listen to at x1 speed. Not because they talk fast, but because I love it so much. Their community is awesome and their entire backlog is directly responsible for how I design software today
  • Complete Developer Podcast: The vibe between these two hosts is perfect and their unique outlooks really help me personally. Some of their best episodes are the more "complete" parts or developer life, not just the stuff like writing low level functionality in higher level languages, but also things like how to deal with grief
  • CppCast: Not everyone even writes C++ anymore, I still do, and even in jobs where I don't write all that much this rich cast of guests makes being current with the powerhouse of modern languages easy
  • Defensive Security Podcast: I am rarely placed in a position as a chief security officer, or a security officer in general. I find it helpful to keep my ear to the ground and this is one of the oldest ways on this list for me that I have listened to for security news
  • Does Not Compute: A pretty fast podcast that is general developer discussion. I find it mostly useful for tools and quick tips
  • FLOSS Weekly: This is one podcast on the list I really strive to be featured on one day. This is my hub for interesting FOSS projects and cool stuff on the horizon in that space

  • Full Stack Radio: This is really a great resource for the web developer at the smaller firm. From Sysadmin to Vue.JS this series is great for picking up the tips and tricks of the trade

  • Go Time: I love writing Go, and this focused Go podcast is a great resource for tips, tricks, libraries and even go conferences

  • Hanselminutes: There is a list of mine, perhaps for another post, of people I aspire to be. Scott Hanselman is one of the top on this list. His current series is awesome! Short blasts of useful information are always a pleasure in my feed

  • Laravel News Podcast: I got my start in PHP development, and being the best web language, I still keep up with it. This is a great podcast for anyone in the Laravel space looking for a good snapshot of Laravel

  • Learn to Code With Me: This series is one of those that reminds me I can actually do this thing called software engineering

  • Linux Unplugged: My favorite Jupiter Broadcasting series, this is a really well done linux podcast keeping up with the latest news, opinion and everything else in the penguin space

  • Mac Power Users: As a professional software engineer I commonly work on the Mac platform. (System76 for life though) I love this series for neat tricks and a really well done podcast all around about the apple ecosystem

  • MacBreak Weekly: This is another great Apple podcast more focused on weekly news and keeping on the pulse of Apple

  • MS Dev Show: No matter how high I fly the penguin flag, MS products are still really powerful, and useful to know. This podcast is really wonderful for anyone wanting to keep up with internal microsoft

  • Paul's Security Weekly: An entertaining news cast of all things security. I subscribe to their "all shows" feed to get the maximum bang-for-my-buck

  • PHP Town Hall: PHP is still my home for any piece of software, and staying in the community is a big piece. This is a great podcast for people wanting a smooth ride deeper into PHP communities

  • PHPUgly: Similar to PHP Town Hall this show is a really casual developer show all about working in PHP

  • Professionally Evil Perspective: The guys over at SecureIdeas don't post often but their view on security is right along side mine, and I love their opinions. Also if you have the chance to attend a training by their team, just do it, its too good to miss.

  • Programming Throwdown: An academic approach to podcasts this series covers the code behind code and the languages of the age. I really appreciate their approach and their insight into the usages and concepts behind languages

  • Rally Security Podcast: This series is hosted by the "Purple Team" (red and blue) and really has a light approach to deep security subjects. Its a solid recommendation for all people writing code

  • Request for Commits: This podcast focuses on FLOSS (Free, Libre, Open Source Software) and the people that maintain these products. I am in love with FLOSS and this series is a great whos-who of people in the FLOSS community

  • RunAs Radio: I still support Windows, and still use Windows, in limited cases, but I love Richard Campbell and this podcast is excellent for engineering in general but a really good pulse check of the Windows Operations Movement

  • Security Now: This is essentially a requirement for everyone. If you write code, support code, or deal with code, you need this podcast in your feed. Steve Gibson is the guide to the land of the insane detail, glorious exploit, and the just neat stuff in computer science. This weekly show is always moved to the top of my queue (with Snap Judgement of course) because if I am writing code, I want to have the latest "little steve" in my ear helping me along

  • Soft Skills Engineering: For all the bits of the industry that aren't controlled by cursors on editors this series covers. The two hosts are witty and fun dealing with "How to quit my job" or "How to deal with a boss who wants to make me quit" to "VIM vs Emacs" these two work each week to help the soft skills of computer engineering

  • Software Engineering Daily: This show has taken off since the good ol' days when they first started. But I still love the show, the [all channels] show has a pulse of all software and a great repository of technologies to keep in the back of your mind when you are solutioning.

  • Software Engineering Radio: A series for the intermediate engineer, this show focuses on educating SWE's on the meaty bits of software. The hard stuff we get paid so well for, this show gets you down deep on those subjects.

  • Talk Python to Me: If you write python, you have to listen to this one. This show is the bazaar of python. I learn more python here than anywhere else on the web!

  • The Changelog: The cool kids club of the internet. This is similar to Request for Commits but a focus on established technologies and their impact on the work. I love this show and it is essential to my queue.

  • The Cynical Developer: A fellow Coding Blocks fan this guy goes over the real world of software with a wide spectrum of topics and covering them exactly how I would

  • The Deep End Podcast by DigitalOcean: My cloud provider of choice, DO hosts this podcast talking about the world they live in, a quick glimpse into the things they focus on and talking to people across the software industry

  • The Laravel Podcast: Laravel has taken the PHP world by storm, and this is the offical Laravel podcast. Its a great resource from the maker of the leading PHP framework

  • The Linux Action Show: Other than Linux Unplugged & Coder Radio this is my other favorite Jupiter Broadcasting production. Mainline Linux news directly into my ears this is the show I use to stay hooked into Linux

  • The PHP RoundTable: Another great PHP resource the format of this show is interesting having round table discussions of PHP. I really like this format and the content is both highly technical but also valuable

  • The Southern Fried Security Podcast: For a security guru wanting to become a CISO, here is the podcast for you. I love this show, its professionalism, its laid back tone, and the very well spoken hosts providing well supported insight into IT management in the big boy world

  • The Stack Overflow Podcast: The offical stack overflow podcast, is the best source for news about SO. But also they have the unique perspective of being the premier SWE forum. They have fun content and good insight into the workings of the software world

  • The Tech Guy: Leo Laporte's weekly radio show, TTG is always a great weekend listen for me. Like my Dad's old talk radio shows I can just listen along casually and get good gems every once in awhile as Leo just helps people out.

  • This Week in Enterprise Tech: TWiET is a great resource for the guy looking for vendors and solutions in IT. I appreciate their insight into the world of enterprise IT and their unique viewpoints of the industry

  • This Week in Google: TWiG is a great show for keeping up with not just android but all of big G. It is really more about the internet in general since Google is so large, but I really appreciate the hosts and guests, as it puts blips on my radar to watch for in the near future.

  • Toolsday: Short, funny, and useful Toolsday is all about showing off cool tools for the software world. I love this show because an experienced engineer knows there is a limit somewhere of key-presses-per-minute in their efficiency. The better our tools, the better we are. And thus this podcast came to life

  • Windows Weekly: WW is another great show for the Microsoft Enthusiast. Although I am a huge proponent of FLOSS, Microsoft has been making moves, and I love most of their products. This is a great reosurce for deeper insight into the Microsoft corperate space.

I will always attempt to keep this up to date with technical podcasts, and the other stuff I listen to. Feel free to listen to all or some. But enjoy regardless.


Have fun out there!

- James